That was fun!

Sometime, 2021

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Brony Bash Online:
A new frontier.

Born out of a series of bad experiences, Brony Bash Online aims to bring you maximum fun with minimal headaches.

The Musicians:
We have that.

We annoyed them until they joined. We suppose they'd like to put on a show for you to enjoy. Maybe you'd like to join them?

The Guests:
We have a couple now!

Do you want to be one, enjoy being mentioned every 5 minutes in a discord server, and want to subject yourself to that? Submit an app. We hope you don't regret this.

The Panelists:
We have that now!

Do you have a panel idea, free time, and want to do things in front of an audience? Submit an app. You probably won't regret this.

The Vendors:
They showed up!

People spread it enough that some joined, maybe you could too? Submit an app. This is something you definitely won't regret.